I get how frustrating it can be scaling an online coaching business!


You know you have an amazing gift to share, but currently you are struggling to secure a consistent flow of clients and income.

You are feeling all the feels - lack of clarity on your niche, ideal client, messaging, marketing, packaging, pricing and the all rest. Pretty overwhelming right?

One thing is for sure babe, you are fed up of the entrepreneurial heartaches of not knowing where your next client is coming from and know it's time to make some major shifts in your coaching business!

I want you to imagine your perfect life


Waking up every day, working with dream clients, a constant flow of income and the freedom to finally work from wherever you want.

This ultimate life of freedom awaits you and with the right support you can be fast tracked to business abundance.

Hey future coaching queen, I see you...


Hey Girl, I am Ashleigh and I am just a little bit obsessed with helping women create their dream coaching businesses.

Why? Because I know just exactly how much fulfilling your life purpose of helping others means to you- but I also know the struggle can be real!

I will work with you on a bespoke basis and guide you through exactly what you need to do to get your coaching business off the ground in a way that feels epic and fun!

My coaching style is a true reflection of my passion for fun, authenticity, female empowerment and my love of big results in business. 


I combine proven business and sales strategy with powerful mindset and law of attraction coaching to help you step into your inner Ladyboss and grow your business to where it deserves to be all whilst holding you accountable.

Girl, you have been playing it small for too long... 


It's time to increase your income and your impact! 






I work with:

Goal Orientated Coaches 

You KNOW coaching and helping others is your life purpose, you never or don't feel satisfied in your 9-5 and know you were meant for bigger and better! You have demonstrated success before and are ready to create a monumental coaching business. Absolutely nothing is holding you back.

Future Ladybosses 

You are a go-getter who takes the initiative and you are not shy about your financial and lifestyle ambitions. You will be the driving force in mentoring, inspiring, and motivating those around you, stepping up as a leader and creating vision.

High VibE 


You appreciate and embrace that business is so much better when you don’t do it alone. You are ready to grow a thriving network of ambitious, like minded women who support, inspire and lift one another up.

Jet setters

You crave the laptop lifestyle and thrive on the idea of creating your own schedule. You are ready for ultimate freedom- to travel the world, working only from your laptop. 

Savvy Entrepreneurs

When it comes to building your business you know its time to start thinking outside the box and leverage your intellect to get huge results. You understand the importance of investing in your business and you are ready to start viewing fear as fuel.



Image by Saffu

Gain absolute clarity on your business foundations, messaging, marketing, packaging and pricing.

Image by William Iven

Create aligned strategies to start calling in your dream clients and scaling your business.

Image by Ava Sol

Delve into the realm of law of attraction to help you master the mindset necessary for success.


High Viber. Straight talker. Early Riser. Goal Getter. Jet Setter. Business Junkie. Boundary pusher. Savvy Sister. High Achiever. Beach Runner. Confidence creator. Motivator.

Why I do what I do

I see so many amazing women finally take the leap to follow their dreams of building an online coaching business only to find themselves securing an odd client here there, and feel they have no real consistency in their business. These women are amazing coaches and dream of serving, but fail to do so because they do not have the support they really need to build their empire.

I was there too. I left my role at my high flying corporate 9-5 to set up my own online coaching business. Everything about having my own business and creating a life on my own terms just felt so aligned.  But it didn’t take long for excitement and hope to turn to fear and exhaustion. I soon realised even with 10 years sales and business coaching experience, a coaching certificate and a website - it simply wasn’t enough to break the online coaching game. I hustled for months but couldn’t even match half of my 9-5 salary. It took me months of heartache, tears, launches, niche changing, investments, group coaching programs and business coaches to finally crack the coaching code and build that buisness of my dreams.

I now help amazing women just like you ditch the heartache and wasted energy- and create a thriving online coaching business.

By combining my extensive background of sales and business strategy with my own first hand experience and investments in my own coaching career- I have created a program I am in love with!


My program transforms struggling coaches into abundant business queens. Allowing them to step into their inner Lady Boss and start making the income they deserve in a way that feels effortless and fun!


I'm so passionate about what I am doing and the businesses I am transforming with it.


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 Last Day at Loreal  31stJuly 2018- My Birthday 

 Winning Loreal business woman of the year 2018 xoxox

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Home - Bali 2019 - My Love

I started working in sales from a very young age when my Dad offered me a job 'hustling' as he likes to call it, at his furniture store in my hometown of Sunderland in the UK to make some extra pocket money on the side whilst I studied at college.


I knew from the get go I loved everything about sales, marketing and business. Meeting new people, building new relationships, finding out what lit people up and providing them with a product that left them leaving the showroom feeling fulfilled and excited about their new purchase.


I eventually went on to spend the next ten years of my career within sales and business coaching in the professional haircare industry. In this time I became an expert in my field and proficient in business growth strategy and sales, winning numerous prestigious awards and receiving several promotions for my achievements.


In the beginning of 2018 things had become a little overwhelming in my personal life, I was struggling with my own self worth and I knew I had to make some changes. My Journey of self development, spirituality and my love of the law of attraction begun.

In July of 2018 I left my role at L'Oreal after being awarded Business women of the year as I knew I had a bigger calling. I KNEW I wanted to be a full time coach in my own right and create a business I could call my baby!


I gained my qualifications in NLP, Law Of Attraction Coaching and EFT- and became obsessed with helping other women live the life of their dreams.

3 years on- I now run my own coaching business from my little pink laptop and reside between the UK and Bali.



Are you ready to write your own success story?