The one and only business school you need in order to turn your coaching business from what probably feels like a side hustle in to your main stream of income by transforming you into a client magnet!


✓  Having a successful online coaching business is your dream!!! You fantasise about the freedom, the laptop lifestyle, the travel and the leadership all whilst living out your passion and purpose of helping others create amazing transformations- but you just can't seem to find that consistent flow of clients.

✓  You are sick of seeing everyone hit those 5k+ months, you don't have a solid strategy in place & you are ready to take action to start generating predictable and consistent income with ease!

 ✓   You know you have a ton of shitty limiting beliefs and blocks holding you back from stepping into your true power and nailing that confident entrepreneur mindset. 

✓   You feel grey areas around the sales process, you don't feel confident discussing your prices or selling your services.

✓  You are constantly feeling uncertainty and lack of consistency around creating a powerful marketing strategy and getting visible.  


I Get It Girl

Firstly, I just want to validate you with where you are at right now! 

Building a successful online coaching business and finding consistent soul aligned clients ain't easy! 

Especially when you are trying to navigate mastering your mindset along side everything else there is to learn and implement!

How do I know? Because I've been there!

But if you are anything like I was, nothing is holding you back from the career and lifestyle you desperately crave.....

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Ramshaw and these days I run a thriving coaching business from my laptop and have lived in Australia, Bali, Costa Rica and now Mexico all in the past year alone! I help women from all around the world build the coaching businesses of their dreams without all the heart ache and guesswork.


So I guess I only have one question for you.... 

Are You Ready to Become A Client Attractor?





Emma Warren, Young Female Empowerment Coach

''I couldn't recommend Ashleighs coaching services more!
She held me accountable to my dreams and goals when it came to my business and gave me the momentum I needed to strive. Her combination of the Law of Attraction and business absolutely works and her strategies are extremely client-attracting. 
If you are an aspiring coach or you're ready to scale your business, Ashleigh is your girl. Not only is she a powerhouse coach, she will become your friend as well. The love, support and encouragement she gives you is game-changing. I just love her!''


Laura Lock, Food Freedom And Confidence Coach.

''Before I worked with Ashleigh, I knew what I wanted my coaching business to look like but I didn’t know how to get there. Especially how to attract and onboard my ideal clients. Straight from the get go Ashleigh sparked my motivation, determination and my inner sales queen. She is genuinely invested in making sure that you can achieve your goals and in giving you the tools to be able to do so.  If you want clarity, amazing business strategies and someone who wants the best for you, I recommend signing up to work with Ashleigh right now!''


 ✓ Finally having that successful coaching business you have been dreaming about, waking up every day, working with a full calendar of aligned AF clients.

 ✓ Make your coaching business your main stream of income and have complete financial freedom and location independence. The ability to work from wherever you want in the world, just from your laptop.

 ✓ Be seen as an influential thought leader in your coaching niche, creating huge impact, transformations and speaking your truth! 

✓ Becoming a super CLIENT ATTRACTOR!




MODULE 1 - Welcome Module. How to maximise the academy and get sizeable and sustainable results.


MODULE 2 - Nailing/refining the foundations of your business like never before for success.   

MODULE 3 - Packaging and pricing your offerings to magnetise your ideal client.

MODULE 4- Branding, Being authentic, loved & recognisable in your business.

MODULE 5 - High converting and consistent content and copy creation.

MODULE 6 - Super relationship building and connection that generate clients.

MODULE 7- Confident and aligned strategy and sales without bullshit.

MODULE 8 - How to get Visible AF and grow your following.

MODULE 9 - Epic pre launch and launching that will book out your services.


MODULE 10 - Referrals and repeat business whilst you sleep.

Pre Foundational Welcome Program.

​​Ten learning modules: Ten modules (delivered over 20 weeks) of super fun video learning co-created with one of the best course creators in the industry.

Biweekly mindset modules.

Biweekly homework assignments.

1 x group coaching/mastermind call per week.

Group Accountability and support.

Facebook group with a community of like minded people turned to future business besties.

Lifetime access to all the modules and call recordings.

Accademy consistently updated with any new and relevant information.

BONUS 1- Back end, systems and coaching business

organisation checklist.


​ BONUS 3-Creating your high converting email funnel PDF.



BONUS 2-The 10k Coaching Queen Ebook, The ultimate mindset

bible for the aspiring coach.

BONUS 4- The ultimate POWER discovery

call guide PDF.

BONUS 5- EXTRA MODULE- The Law Of Attraction and how to manifest

success as an entrepreneur. 

''I have worked with coaches before, but working with Ashleigh was a truly transformational experience. The energy and grounded practices she brought to me and my business have helped catalyse my practice to a completely different arena. She has so much clarity and knowledge about setting the foundation for a coaching business, as well as her wealth of knowledge about things like social media and dynamic ways to call in clients.

If you’re someone who has been struggling in your coaching practice, I can promise that working with Ash will change all that! I’ve done so many online courses, seminars, workshops, and work with other coaches, and can say with certainty that it’s working with Ashleigh that was the game-changing investment in my business. She is a phenomenal coach that makes the process of setting up a thriving coaching practice not only possible, but massively fun!''

Emma Oriana, Relationship Coach

''Ash is fucking incredible. On a personal note, she is a total ray of sunshine and a massive motivator. On a professional note, she has such a huge capacity of knowledge in all areas of business and getting known by those you are meant to be serving! She will speak into, support, and teach how to market and sell your business in ways that completely align with you. Personally, I'm not huge on the more masculine side of business development (even though it can be extremely helpful) and I am very much in my feminine power. Ash will happily cater to each one of these, whenever they come up. She has so many ideas that can help so much both with your business and your mindset. She has supported me heaps in digging into my mindset as well as my business. Oh, and I've had my biggest $$$ month yet! And only a couple of weeks after I started working with her.

If you want support for your business to thrive, Ash is 100% the woman for you! You will not be disappointed with her!''

Jennifer Agostini, Yoga & Mindfulness Coach

The 5 Pillars Of


If you are anything like me then authenticity and integrity is paramount in your business. I am a self confessed lover/hater of the coaching industry and back in 2018 I nearly shut up shop because I was being taught such icky tactics (time and time again) on how to 'secure clients'. How can such a beautiful industry have such sleazy inauthentic side? Nah non of that here babe! The industry is changing, becoming more saturated and clients are now buying authenticity over false promises and  'get quick results' marketing strategies.

Mindset &

The Law Of Attraction

Mindset is the key!

Here at Client Attractor Academy I want to make sure all students are utilising the power of thier mind to create ultimate success. Goodbye shitty fears, limiting beliefs and old stories. Hello new empowered coach who is ready to attract an abundance of clients with ease.


Mindset is everything but it is also nothing, if you don't pair it up with some good solid strategy. With over a 10 year background in sales and marketing and tens of thousands of pounds invested in my own business success to date- Strategy is my jam and bread! Get ready to go deep with the exact strategies myself and my clients have used to become client attractors and consistently book out our coaching services!

Intuition &


Girl! This ain't your stereotypical cookie cutter program. No, this is where the game changes. You will be educated in everything I know to be true in building a highly successful coaching biz. But here, You are encouraged to use your intuition, to be inspired by what doesn't align for you and come to our group calls to express and explore if this is true misalignment or fear. Our group calls are a safe space to discuss and overcome blocks, and find methods and strategies that best align for you and your business.


For any of you that have worked with me before you'll probably agree that after a coach, I probably would have made a decent career in comedy! I try to inject everything I create with the intention to make you laugh whilst you learn! Our academy community will be high vibe, fun and playful! Disclaimer- Don't apply if you don't have a sense of humour! ;)


''Before I started working with Ashleigh, I was a bit lost on my niche and my ideal client and I didn’t feel like I had a business. The reason I started looking for a coach was because I didn’t have a clue where to start and how to do it by myself. I had read books, done free masterclasses etc but I needed to make the investment to make it stick, I really needed the guidance and support.

Ashleigh and I clicked from the beginning, she is personable, funny and a fountain of all knowledge! When I felt lost or down, Ashleigh was there to push me every day, keeping me accountable, reminding me of all the work I was doing and how things were really moving forward. After a few sessions, and with her help, I increased my email list by 600 people and I booked 14 discovery calls! Ashleigh is an amazing business coach but she is also incredible in the mindset side of things and she helped me work through some limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck.

After working with Ashleigh, I am so much clearer on my niche and love working in it; I feel like I have a business and I can honestly say to people now, that I run a business in my day to day. I have grown so much as a person and as a coach thanks to her.

If you are considering working with Ashleigh, do not hesitate and just do it. She knows what she is doing, she has tons of experience and is always growing and learning herself, which means that wherever you are in your business she will always be able to help you. I loved working with her and I couldn’t recommend her more. I am so grateful to have met her!''

Alexandra Jeffert, Mindset Coach for Coaches